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I get asked this question a lot. 

It usually comes from other practitioners in the health and wellness field who perceive New Orleans to be "unhealthy."  

Well, I'm not saying that boudin and beignets and binge drinking are healthy by any means, but New Orleans has a dif...

One of the things I am committed to in my own life is personal growth.  This desire has led me down the path to where I am now as a practitioner and public speaker.  I can say that I have both seen and personally experienced many different "alternative" healing modalit...


How many times a day do you hear this word?  How many times a day to you SAY this word?  Do you ever stop to think about what this word really means?

Whether stress manifests in your life as racing thoughts, worry, palpitations, nausea, high blood pressure,...

Two weeks ago I was asked to speak to an audience about “what love is”.  This was one of those impromptu speeches that allows for very little time to prepare, so I found myself reaching out and connecting with the audience to see their reaction as I mouthed the words i...

About two years ago, I attended a speech where the keynote speaker said something that has stayed with me to this day.  He said, “When you die, your loved ones will go see you at the cemetery where there will be a slab of rock with your name on it, the date that you we...

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