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October 20, 2017

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Avoid This If You Want to Live to 100...

March 23, 2017


The one thing you'll notice about centenarians is that most of them were not focused on "trying

to live to 100." They weren't focusing on "not getting sick."  They were just living their lives to the fullest and doing what they love. Although we spend an inordinate amount of time researching diseases, we spend frighteningly little amount of time researching longevity as a whole. The field of epigenetics says it's not all in our genes, so genetics isn't everything. What if there was another factor involved in long healthy lives that we aren't seeing? What if we are so focused on the trees that we miss the forest?


The one most consistent characteristic of people living to 100 is PMA. What is PMA you say? Is 

that related to cholesterol? NO. PMA is positive mental attitude. It's not some fluff, it's actual 

science, and it's so obvious and simple that we complicated humans seem to gloss over it's 

EXTREME importance!


This is how it plays out in your body:  your cells are 100 times more receptive to ELECTRICAL messages than they are to chemical messages. What we commonly focus on are the chemical messengers. What about these "electrical messages"? Where do they come from? Mostly, the electrical charge comes from the way we interpret the signals in our environment.  It comes from how we are PERCEIVING our environment. What shapes our perception? Well, unless we are conscious of it, our environment does! It can become a neverending feeback loop unless we realize that we don't have to be victim to our environment.  


We have two incredible choices:  to change our perception of the environment and/or circumstances OR to change the actual environment or circumstances we find ourselves in. This is where our power lies; this is what makes man "in the image and likeness of God," it's our power to 

choose differently from the environment that may be surrounding us. Our power of perception. 

It's the most important power we have. This power can and DOES literally shape the biological 

messages received by our cells. How amazing is that? 


Now, the beauty is that we don't have to micromanage it! We just have to feel. When we feel 

good emotionally, we are healing. What's the greatest feeling, when have you felt your best? 

Keep doing that. 


We tend to make it so complicated.  Culture tells us so.  I invite you to be curious and stay open. Howard Thurman suggests: "Ask not what the world needs, ask what brings you alive, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."  When your passion is ignited and your heart is singing, you will be in a state of coherence, which is a state that allows for your incredible body to begin healing. You might have heard of coherence as being "in the flow," when your mind and heart are in harmony. The brain and heart --the physical organs --send out signals, and when they are not in harmony, it creates "incoherence," a sub-optimal state. When they are in harmony, they create "coherence," which is the optimal state. 


"...there are organism states in which the regulation of life processes becomes efficient, or even 

optimal, free-flowing and easy. This is a well established physiological fact. It is not a hypothesis. 

The feelings that usually accompany such physiologically conducive states are deemed 

positive,” characterized not just by absence of pain but by varieties of pleasure. There also are 

organism states in which life processes struggle for balance and can even be chaotically out of 

control. The feelings that usually accompany such states are deemed “negative,” characterized 

not just by absence of pleasure but by varieties of pain. ...The fact that we, sentient and 

sophisticated creatures, call certain feelings positive and other feelings negative is directly 

related to the fluidity or strain of the life process." -Antonio Damasio "Looking for Spinoza" 

2003 pg. 131 


How do we get there?  How can we maintain these optimal free-flowing states? I would suggest tuning into when you feel your best, and keep doing that.  It may require letting go of the things that keep you safe, but unfulfilled. It may require letting go of limiting beliefs, unforgiveness, or a dozen other things that can block our levels of happiness and love.  A lot of what holds us back is just conditioning.  When you become aware of your own feelings and perceptions and 

liberate yourself from the conditioning that is counter to your truth, you will then be free to begin to regulate gene expression.  You will be free to operate in that free-flowing state; that beneficial functional mode officially known as 'psychophysiological coherence.' This state is characterized by increased emotional stability AND, miraculously, by increased synchronization and harmony in the functioning of physiological systems. 


Not operating from this place usually stems from fear.  Learned fear that if we don't REACT, a situation will kill us. It's a pervasive, often subconscious and inherited fear. This kind of fear state is not only NOT conducive to clear thinking, it harms us physiologically. Coming from love and 

compassion and understanding, instead of fear and anger and reaction produces positive outcomes in all areas that truly matter. 


Approaching life smoothly and proactively, with broadened perspective is possible. It 

takes intention and focus, but it is absolutely possible when we let go of unfounded fears and 

limiting beliefs that cause suffering. The expensive mistake to avoid is living from fear! Add more 

LOVE into your life, and it may just help you live to 100 years old!





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